Changing of the Oils

The Chrism Mass was held Tuesday night at the Cathedral. At this Mass that the new oils for the year are blessed and distributed. The oils from 2009 will be burned in the Easter Fire, along with any leftover palms from Palm Sunday. This is the fire from which the priests will light the Easter Candle at the Saturday night Easter Vigil.

The priests will carry the Easter candle in and light the candles of the Candidates (the soon-to-be Catholics who have already been baptized), and then they will all help to light the candles of the parishioners in the pews- who will light the candles of their neighbors until all the sanctuary is filled with candlelight.

It is so beautiful and holy.

You can see to your left the place where the oils are normally kept. The Oil of the Catechumens, Oil of the Sick, and Sacred Chrism.

I was just talking with a parishioner about how she went to the Vigil Mass a few years ago because her child was participating and that experience started a tradition for their family. Now, they always go to this Easter Mass- "it is the most beautiful ceremony. Our kids think it is really great too."

If you haven't been, you should check it out. Join us in welcoming our new Catholic brothers and sisters.

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