Young Adults Cookout at the Rectory

Last night, Saint Mary’s Young Adult group sat down with Monsignor Dorney and Father Kastl for a rockin’ barbeque at the rectory where Father starred as the chef du jour. What was on the menu? Burgers, hot dogs, beer and margaritas blessed by Monsignor himself. You. Can’t. Top. That.

We ate outside at yellow table clothed tables. The air was abuzz with genuine compliments for Father’s burgers: “These are really good burgers,” Sarah Nobel, who grew up at Saint Marys, said. She came to the party with her two sisters, Liz and Theresa.

My husband, Ryan, agreed that the burgers were scrumptious, and I will put a vote in for the hot dogs.

Since Maggie and Mark Ohnesorge, the lovely couple on the front of our most recent monthly newsletter sent to your door, started leading this group, the numbers have risen. Mingling among the guests last night, you could meet brand new parishioners, long time members, recent converts, Tulsans, transplants, parents, those who have not ventured into children yet, married couples, eligible singles and of course, two priests. And the career paths were just as diverse- doctors, journalist, social workers, someone joining the religious life, and others.

I’ll be the first to admit that this “Young Adult” stage of life isn’t always the easiest. It’s tricky setting up the life you want to live in terms of jobs, faith, homes, love and friends. There is something very refreshing about soaking up the presence of others who are at this stage; it breeds hope and optimism—and possibly friendship—not to mention you get a great meal out of it.

Look out for more upcoming Young Adult events…our upcoming event is a pasta bar by Father Kastl featuring various pastas and sauces for us to mix it up with.

On behalf of the Church of Saint Mary and our new group, I hope to see you there.

Check Out the Photo Collage below.


  1. It was an AWESOME time. Thanks for all you do, Ashley!

  2. It was fun! So many interesting and kind people. I'm excited about the pasta bar!


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