We Need Place to Be Parties for the MaryFair Auction

Would you like to host a Place to Be Party?

Each year parishioners and school families come up with fun parties they can host, then the places at the parties are sold at the auction. For example, there is a ladies retreat to the lake. The party hosts set the number of attendees and the cost of the event; for the retreat, usually 12 women can attend. People sign up at the auction, and, voila!, Saint Mary raises some funds and fellowship ensues!

Think about what type of party you could host:
  • Who hosts?
    • Ministry groups often host parties
    • Groups of friends or a Bible study class
    • You!
  • What kind of parties have been hosted before?
    • Children, youth, adult, family, mom, dad, father-son, mother-daughter parties
    • Retreats
    • Dinner parties (sometimes with special guests- like a priest!)
    • Bowling
    • Holiday parties
    • Event parties- Super Bowl, etc.
    • Garden tea parties
    • Sports gatherings
    • Classes, like an art class or some other interesting topic
    • Be creative! Anything could work!
Contact Jennifer Neuhaus at jenbug2001@cox.net or call her at 742-5932 or contact Heather Fuhr at mikeheatherfuhr@yahoo.com or call her at 369-0592.

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