Catholic Link Round Up

Some of you may already know this about me, Ashley Daly Communications Director at the parish, but I like blogs and I like to blog. (Nerd!) Well, something a lot of blogs do is have a round up of links to other good posts around the web.

Here is my round up of interesting Catholic-related web content.

The Archbishop of Denver's recent column on the stewardship of our time. I think he has some really excellent ideas to add to this conversation of seeing our time as a gift from God. (Thanks parishioner Diane Erbacher of the Stewardship Council for sending this my way!)

The State of Catholic Schools in the US, an article from the Catholic World Report. You can see a very brief overview of the article here on the Catholic School Chronicle's blog.

What our Archbishop is up to.

I know I've recommended her blog before. A Benedictine Presence is written by a Tulsa sister, Sr. Catherine of St. Joseph's Monastery. I was trying to pick out just one of her posts to link to, but they each seemed like something that could change a person's day depending on their life situations. Peruse and see if one speaks to you.

This happened a few weeks ago, but it really stuck out in my mind. Matt Lauer of NBC's Today Show visited the Vatican and met the Pope. I loved Matt's reverence and sheer joy over the meeting. It's pretty cool people can feel the holiness of that office.

Let me know if you like this type of blog post, and I'll try to do them more often. If you have things you've read that you think are especially insightful or interesting, please email me Ashley Daly and note what it was you liked about the piece, the link and your name.

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