Young Adults First Wednesday Changed to First Thursday

To make the First Wednesdays series more convenient, we decided to moved the location to the Church; the Church is booked on Wednesdays, so now we have First Thursdays! And since September starts on a Thursday, that means our next meeting will be next week! I hope you will have a little time between now and then to read Part II of Rediscover Catholicism by Matthew Kelly (see below for more information about First Thursdays and the book).

We will be meeting in the Library at Church of St. Mary from 7-8. Enter at the door near Beckerle, go down the hall towards the chapel, make a right at the chapel, and another right at the end of that hall. Ta da! You are at the library.

Please come even if you weren't able to come to the first meeting or haven't quite finished the reading.


On the First Thursday of every month, we will have a gathering that focuses on building our faith and knowledge of the Church. The format will vary; we’ll have talks, do Bible studies, or read something together. This is an opportunity for us to share experiences, struggles, and insights as young adult Catholics. Suggestions are welcome.
We are currently reading Matthew Kelly’s book Rediscover Catholicism. The Church handed them out free several months ago, so many of you may have a copy. If not, you can get one for $5.95 on this website. The book is divided into four parts, so we’ll take four months to read it. Take note of anything that especially interests, intrigues, or confuses you.

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