MusicNotes Nov19-20


November 19-20

Christ the King

This weekend, the music ministry will continue introducing the new mass setting to the congregation. The changes in the mass responses require changes in the music as well. St. Mary's will be primarily employing the Mass of St. Frances Cabrini, written by Kevin Keil. Musicians and cantors from the Tulsa diocese voted almost unanimously on this setting back in August, and it will be employed throughout the diocese for this first year, along with the English plainsong setting and a Latin setting. The tunes are memorable and very sing-able, and should aid all of us in learning these new texts. We will have very brief teaching sessions directly preceding mass to help familiarize the congregation with this new set of responses.   

Psalm-     The Lord is my Shepherd     John Rutter (b. 1945)


The appointed Psalm 23 this weekend will be sung by the choir, and will feature guest oboe soloist, Lise Glaser. This anthem, originally written by Rutter in 1976, was later used as the sixth movement of his Requiem. This gorgeous setting highlights the meaning of the text, with its peaceful, slow-moving harmonies, and plaintive melodies, reminding the listener of a shepherd in a field. Showing influences of the Rodrigo's melodies from the slow movement of his guitar concerto, Concierto de Aranjuez, and perhaps even a bit from Thomas Matthews, our Tulsa composer's setting of the same psalm, Rutter's anthem is a classic. It demonstrates perfectly why he is one of the most successful composers of church music in history.         

Choral Anthem-     We Sing Praises to Our King/He Reigns Forever     Shekinah Choir           

For Christ the King Sunday, the choir will be presenting a song from the African-American Gospel tradition. This is a lively song of praise to Christ, the king of kings, first released on an album in 1993 by the popular Shekinah Choir. The end of the song features a repetition of the phrase, "He reigns forever," that paints the idea that God reigns in the hearts of His people continuously, through praise and song. The St. Mary Choir learned this song in a short time, completely by ear, and without written music, the way gospel songs are usually learned in a church setting. The simple harmonies and syncopated rhythms build an intensity that makes it hard not to sing along, and we hope that you do!         

Postlude-     Giga, from Concerto for Oboe and Strings     Arcangelo Corelli (1653-1713)

                                                                                            arr. by John Barbirolli (1899-1970)

Famous themes from Corelli were arranged into this concerto by Barbirolli for his wife, the renowned oboist, Evelyn Barbirolli. Corelli was one of the most important composers of the Baroque period. His compositions were a big influence on the development of  Italian music, especially the concerto, and his Concerti Grossi grew to great popularity. Barbirolli was a well-known conductor, who succeeded Toscanini as music director of the New York Philharmonic, and later became the director of the HallĂ© Orchestra in Manchester. This concerto has become a staple of Baroque oboe literature, and the kingly Giga sends us forth in a stately mood, with God, the king of our hearts, beside us as we build up His kingdom.


About our guest soloist-

Lise Glaser is principal oboe of Tulsa's symphony, opera and ballet. She also serves as first oboe for Des Moines Metro Opera in the summers after winning a national audition to secure that position in 2005. She has been the primary Adjunct of Oboe at the University of Tulsa since 1994. She studied with the legendary John Mack at the Cleveland Institute of Music, then with Peter Bowman, principal oboe for the St. Louis Symphony. She has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Utah Symphony, St. Louis Symphony, an orchestral tour to Europe as co-principal oboe with the Utah Symphony involving performances in East and West Germany, Yugoslavia, Austria and Lichtenstein, and as first oboe with 5 different southern California orchestras, including playing concertos live on the radio. Glaser has premiered many new works for the oboe, including those written by University of Tulsa music faculty. In addition to teaching oboe lessons, she is the faculty coach for the University of Tulsa student woodwind quintet. She is married to composer/organist Eliot Glaser, and her teenage son Nathan is a trumpet player and gymnast.

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Director of Music
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