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Hey Everyone!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving Holiday.  Thanks to everyone who attended our Thanksgiving dinner on November 20. I know this is a busy time of year for everyone, but here are some dates to keep in mind when you're marking your calendar.

Our next formation event is this First Thursday, December 1st at 7pm at the Parish library.  The library is located at the end of the hall to the Marian Chapel.  So basically, if you're headed to the chapel, just keep walking around the corner and you'll run into it.  It will be the last part of Rediscover Catholicism *No worries if you haven't been to the previous ones or read the book- you can still easily participate.  If you would like to continue with First Thursdays in a different (or similar) format, let us know!  We're exploring our options to keep formation alive and well within the young adults; including a bible study, other Catholic books, a speaker series, etc.  Please give us feedback if you would like this to continue.  Hope to see you there! 

Our next social is a Christmas Decoration Celebration on Friday, December 9th at 6:30pm with Fr. Jack in the rectory.  We'll he helping him decorate his home to make it feel like the Advent/Christmas season.  It will be a blast!  If you would like to attend, please bring a finger food to share! 

And, since it is the Christmas season, Ginny has asked us once again to help decorate the Church for Christmas on Tuesday, December 20th at 6pm.  It's not a huge amount of work, and with several workers it will go quickly and smoothly.  We will have pizza provided to fuel our decorating.  Remember, the Church doesn't become beautiful for Christmas without our help!

If you have questions, please let me know!


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