MusicNotes Dec 17-18


December 17-18

4th Sunday of Advent

This weekend, the changes in the mass translation, as well as the changes in the music, are in effect. We will be using the Mass of St. Frances Cabrini, which we have been practicing before mass for the last few weeks. The tunes are memorable and very sing-able, and should aid all of us in learning these new texts.

Prelude- O Come, O Come, Emmanuel, arr. Barbara B. Kinyon (b. 1929)/Prepare the Way of the Lord, Jacques Berthier, (1923-1994)

This week, the Mary Ringers will share a selection for the prelude. This simple and meditative arrangement of the familiar hymn will set the tone for mass, as we prepare to sing the hymn all together. The handbell piece will be followed by the Taizé chant, Prepare the Way of the Lord. The meditation will introduce the tune of the opening hymn, as we prepare for worship, and will lead into the choir singing a simple, repetitive Advent chant in a round. This is meant to remind us of the meaning behind the change of season in our church year, that we might approach the each Eucharist with expectant hearts.

Preparation of the Gifts- The Angel Gabriel, arr. David Schelat (b. 1955)

To echo this weekend's story of the Annunciation, the choir will present an arrangement of the well-known carol, The Angel Gabriel. Originally a Basque tune, this modern arrangement keeps the simplicity of the carol's texture, while juxtaposing another tune, sung to the Ave Maria text. This unique compositional idea reinforces the centrality of God's gift to Mary and His love for her. The carol tells the whole story of the Annunciation and can be found in the Worship hymnal on page 695.  David Schelat serves as Minister of Music at First & Central Presbyterian Church in Wilmington, Delaware. He is very active as an organist, composer, and clinician, and his music and articles can be found in a variety of publishers and journals.            

Communion- Lo, How a Rose, arr. Lani Smith

Karen Hiller and I will play this simple duet arrangement of the 16th century German melody while the choir receives Communion. This will set a meditative mood to begin Communion, while reminding us of the hymn tune which we will sing together as we all receive. For centuries, this beloved melody has inspired composers to create arrangement after arrangement, without wearing out the beauty of the melody. This arrangement highlights the warmth of the organ and the brightness of the piano as it explores unexpected jazz-like harmonies.

Communion- Ave Maria, 13th century chant, Irregular, Mode I

The sopranos and altos from the choir will sing this beautiful chant. Because of the beauty and depth of the Hail Mary text (drawn from Luke 1:29), the Ave Maria has been set to music countless times, and is most often heard at weddings and funerals. This 13th century chant version, however, is not sung very often, despite its simple beauty. Although such chants were typically sung by male voices (monks), this weekend, the women of the choir will present this to reflect the significance of Mary, and to give it a different voice and perspective.     


On an unrelated note-

This coming Tuesday (the 20th), I will be presenting a short recital of Christmas music at Trinity Episcopal Church, as part of their weekly noonday series, Tuesdays at Trinity. The recital begins at 12:05pm and lasts for thirty minutes. If you are looking for something to do, and want to hear a little Christmas music, come join me! Trinity Episcopal is located 501 S. Cincinnati (at 5th Street).
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