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Young Adults!

Thanks so much to those of you who made Valentine Cards for the Ambassador nursing home last weekend.  I know that they all enjoyed receiving them... especially Andy's meaty Valentine.  It was, without a doubt, the best Valentine ever made.  Period.

We have two very important dates quickly approaching.  First, on Tuesday, the 28th of February at 6:00pm (or whenever you can make it), we will hold a planning meeting to plan out the next 10ish months.  If I can get a head count for those wanting to help plan, we'll look at food options.  We will meet in the Library (walk past the Marian chapel to the end of the hall and turn right to the double doors... the password is Abe Vigota).  Please consider attending this planning session to keep our activities going. 

Starting on Wednesday, March 7th at 6pm in the Library we will be taking an Epic Adventure into Church history.  The series is a video series, and we will break it up into individual sessions so you won't necessarily have to make it to each First Wednesday.  I believe we will pot-luck the food. Child care will be provided. 

I believe that's it for now.  Let me know if you have any questions, or to RSVP. 


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