Young Adult Updates

Hey all!

1. Come out and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with St. Mary's Young Adults!  We'll have dinner on Friday, March 16th at 6pm at Kilkenny's Irish Pub.  They have plenty of vegetarian and seafood entrees.  There will be kids, so bring yours if you got 'em. 

If you think you'll make it, let Karen Dutoi know so I can give them an estimate.

2. Our Epic Bible Study will begin this Wednesday, March 7th at 6pm in the library.

This particular study is a video series. That means we will begin each session with a video. What happens after that is up to us. We will likely throw out a few discussion questions from the workbook and we will discuss. Thusly, if you'd like to take notes, please bring a notebook and a pen. If you'd like a workbook, we can be sure to order enough for those who want one (we do have some to hand out already). Or, if you would like to come, listen, and contribute to conversation without taking notes, feel free!

This is a monthly study, so we will meet the first Wednesday of each month. We will do our very best to start the videos promptly so anyone involved in EDGE can participate. Also, I'd like to have a potluck snack/finger foods during the studies. Biblical speak always wets my appetite. Maggie and Mark Ohnesorge will bring a buffalo chicken dip (it's delicious!). Please consider bringing a dish.

This is OUR bible study and we are just starting, so we can make it however amazing and delicious we want.

Please let us know if you can make it! Thanks!


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