Online Adoration Calendar Ready! Get on!

Our new Online Adoration program is finally ready to use! It’s purpose is to better organize the Adoration ministry overall and to help potential growth of this ministry. It will be easier for all parishioners to know when they are needed to sit in Adoration. For long time adorers, the reminder options and the ease of finding substitutes should be a great benefit.  

Here is how the process works:
  • Visit this site:  http://adoration.churchofsaintmary.com
  • Create your log-in
  • Click on “view calendar”
  • Either check into your regular Adoration time OR see what times need adorers and sign up! If you check in at all, you will be counted on to attend. (Cannon Law requires two people must be present during Adoration.)
  • That’s It!
Each month you’ll receive an email two weeks before to prompt you to check into your Adoration time OR if you are not set up with a regular time, you can see what times need adorers.  You can choose to receive a reminder text on your phone. 
                    Thank you for being a devoted adorer or a potential adorer at the Church of Saint Mary!

Do you want to sign up for an official time? It really helps this ministry to know who they can count on to attend regularly. Just contact Nancy Trujillo for a regular time slot!

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