Missioner Father Gielow's Letter to You

Dear Parishioners,

Thank you for your great hospitality in welcoming me back to Church of Saint mary for the Parish Mission. Once again, I am grateful to God for the great outpouring of Faith witnessed during the Missio. I take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity in helping the Vincentian Parish Mission Center with you donations.

As a recap of the Mission, we reflected on Monday the importance of each individual. We all are children of God and equally important to Him. A great message for all ages to hear. Tuesday, we not only focused on forgiveness, but witnessed the celebrating of the sacrament of reconciliation for so many. It was a wonderful scene to see all these people encountering Christ in the sacrament. Wednesday, the whole thrust of the evening was on the virtue of Love and that we are all called to bring out the best in on another. Finally on the closing night of the Mission, we thought about the holiest and happiest people we know and the reasons they are so happy.

God bless you all,
Rev. Richard Gielow, c.m.
2100 Noland Rd.
Independance, MO 64050

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