Miss Oklahoma Asks St. Mary Students to Help on a Project

Miss Oklahoma, Taylor Treat, asked St. Mary students to help her with a service project for St. Francis Hospital. Parents with sick children recieve a folder in which to keep medical notes and information on their child. Our students colored photo frame pages to put on the front of these folders. Parents of the sick children can put their child's photo in the frame, making it a folder that looks joyful and reminds them that others are out there supporting them.

Taylor Treat's platform is on Service Learning. She speaks often about how children can often learn best by involving themselves in an activity that makes a difference in the world around them.

Maureen Clements, our principal, said that Taylor really wanted to have St. Mary students help since they not only do service as a part of their curriculum, but the kids seem to genuinely enjoy working on projects that help serve others.

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