Vacation Bible School 2010!

Vacation Bible School was a hit last week. We had tons of students for every grade level, and sounds of fun filled the parish. It seemed like everything the kids were doing held multiple purposes- one, it was super fun and two, it helped them learn or make a difference in our community.

Some students held a car wash, and all of their proceeds went towards purchasing supplies and useful items for our Saint Mary Justice and Peace Ministry that helps out so many fellow Tulsans in need each week (See those kids with their items to donate to your left.) All the time in the sun and water was obviously a blast, and it went towards a great cause.

The visit from Therapetics mentioned in the last blog post helped VBS kids learn about non-profits, volunteer opportunities, people with disabilities and how animals are even helping to make the world around them a better place.

Browse through the photos above, and you'll see kids learning dances to praise songs teaching them about the love of Jesus, kids making cards for others, and children enjoying story time and learning about the saints.

Below you can see some of the students had an opportunity to bring a lot of light into the lives of others. They made beautiful vases for local nursing homes and joined up with residents to make paper flowers to put in the vases. This is the type of experience that really makes the day of residents and helps our kids learn about life and love.

And not to be forgotten are all of our wonderful parent volunteers. They helped run the show, and we can't be more thankful for them or proud to have them in our parish.

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