We need local artists for a MaryFair Project

*I am working on finding local artists willing to pair up with our Saint Mary classes/ROCKsolid group to make a piece of artwork to auction off at MaryFair. I've got a few artists signed up, but could use your help finding just a few more. Please read the description below and pass it along to any art friends you have- or sign up if you ourself is an artist. Thank you for your help!

Local Artist? Publicity, Art Education and Charity Opportunity.

Dear Local Artist,

I am writing on behalf of the School of Saint Mary, a local non-profit organization providing a Catholic education for children ages 2 through 14 through our comprehensive preschool, ele¬mentary, and middle school programs. We are looking for local artists to participate in a mu¬tually beneficial art adventure. Our hope is to pair one local artist with each of our 8 primary grade levels (class size 30 students, 1st through 8th grade). For a morning or afternoon, the artist would teach the kids about his or her medium and lead them in creating a piece of collab¬orative art work. Each masterpiece would then be put on display as part of MaryFair, St. Mary’s biggest annual event, to be auctioned off to raise funds for our school.


• In addition to exposure at the event (we will have displays clearly marked with each artist’s name), we will promote the participating artists on our online auction (to be on facebook, blog and emailed expansively throughout our parish’s network of supporters), as well as in other local media publications.

• You will help give children an inspiring experience they won’t forget and wouldn’t otherwise be able to have, as well as help raise funds for their education.

• St. Mary is able to offset the cost of supplies.

Want to help? We would love to set a plan in action with you (we hope to schedule the project making in late August or early September) and have your generosity help make a difference in our kids’ lives.

Thank you for your consideration of this fun and charitable venture.

Contact Ashley Heider Daly, Communications and Development Director, 918.640.2830, adaly@churchofsaintmary.com

*The event is October 9, 2010. You can learn more about us at www.schoolofsaintmary.com

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  1. i'm trying to convince my brother-in-law to do this. he's a fantastic caricature artist/cartoonist!


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