Haiti Dress Sewing Sessions

Saint Mary ladies got together again to sew dresses for the SOLT Mission in Haiti. In addition to the sewing that night, individuals who had sewn at home were stopping in to drop off dresses. The Saint Mary Haiti mission team were able to bring 87 dresses with them for distribution to the poor while there.  

Mission team member, Kathy Elliott shares a little more with you, "A huge thanks to so, so many people involved in helping. Feedback has been incredible. Many helpers have not sewn for years and are doing so, experiencing great joy while doing it. Moms and daughters and grandmothers and granddaughters are all working together. The next get together we will be calling upon experienced seamstresses willing to help mother daughter teams. They would need to be willing to help a mother daughter team use their own sewing machine to sew a dress."

Want to learn more about sewing dresses for Haiti? Email Kathy Elliott.

The ladies also made two short film clips of the sewing session.

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  1. This is what i love about sewing.. It helps you gain friends. Learning how to sew can help you gather friends. You can join sewing groups or gain friends through joining classes.


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