RCIA visits Catholic Charities Campus

St. Mary's RCIA class took a field trip to the Catholic Charities campus on Tuesday, Feb. 7th. First on the agenda for the evening was the grouping and categorization of socks in the distribution center. 

Once we were finished, Catholic Charities Volunteer Coordinator John O'Neill gave a tour of the facilities. We were introduced to the wide variety of services offered, including free counseling, adoption services, food and clothing distribution, and immigration services. John explained that Catholic Charities doesn't just give things away, no questions asked, but tries to form a lasting relationship with the people they serve. 

We looked in on a few learning centers helping adults earn their GEDs. There was the Madonna House, a safe haven for pregnant woman who have no where else to turn for support. One of the candidates, Chad Briggs, noted how peaceful the campus grounds were. 

We finished our evening in the beautiful chapel, listening to John speak of the principles inherent to Catholic teaching that fuel the work done at Catholic Charities. In particular, he emphasized the God given dignity of every human being, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, legal or economic status.

If you would like to volunteer some of your time at Catholic Charities, email John O'Neill.

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