MusicNotes Feb 11-12

February 11-12

 Prelude-     Allegro (from Trio Sonata V), Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)  
Before Mass begins, I will play the first movement from Bach's fifth Trio Sonata. The Trio Sonatas for organ are multi-movement works which employ three voices, one in each hand, and one for the feet. Each voice is responsible for an independent melody, but the piece only works when all three voices interact with each other. As we prepare in our own ways for Mass, I will invite the congregation to turn its heart to the Holy Trinity, the most perfect example of three-in-one, before we hear the first words of the introductory rite, "in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."       

Anthem-     Sing Alleluia to the Lord, Terry D. Taylor (b. 1939)                

The elementary vocal choir will present this bright and joyful anthem at the 5:00p Mass on Saturday. As we prepare the altar, this song invites us to sing praise to God, knowing that our trust and hope are in our God. This reflects the hope in God's love shown in this week's Gospel. Just as we hear of the leper being healed and spreading the word abroad, the song reminds us that "God's love is strong and true and fills all the earth." Terry Taylor is Associate Pastor at Shades Crest Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama. He is known for his work in music and worship, especially in children's and youth music.             

Anthem-     There is a Balm in Gilead, African-American Spiritual, arr. Gerald Near (b. 1942)

I chose this anthem to echo the Gospel's message of healing and hope. This traditional spiritual gives the listener comfort, knowing that there is healing in God to "make the wounded whole," and to "heal the sin-sick soul." The verses remind the hearer that, although he or she may be discouraged, the Holy Spirit has the power to restore. As we prepare the table to share the bread of life, this song invites us to prayerfully remember the healing power of God. A version of this spiritual can be found in Gather, on page 460. Gerald Near, known as one of the finest living composers of sacred music today, has created a beautiful setting of this piece. He has maintained the simple texture of the original spiritual, while employing gentle organ accompaniments and more modern harmonies.    

Closing Song-     Jesu, Jesu, Fill Us With Your Love, Ghanaese Folk Song

This folk song, originally from Ghana, was adapted for an English text by Thomas S. Colvin in 1969. It was later harmonized by Charles H. Webb in 1988. It reminds us of the message in the Gospel that we are not to simply experience God's love, but that we are called to action, that we must share this love and this message with those around us. MaryBells, our beginning handbell choir under the direction of Karen Hiller, will accompany us with bells and percussion.

Inspired by the uncontainable joy of the leper after being healed, the choir will continue singing after the closing song, praising God with a traditional South African song, Hallelujah, We Sing Your Praises (Halleluya pelo tsa rona). This will also feature MaryBells on percussion. 

Will Buthod
Director of Music
Church of St. Mary
(918) 749 2561, ext 120
1347 E. 49th Pl.
Tulsa, OK 74105


  1. Will,thank you for such beautiful church music,esp. the solo by Travis a couple of weeks ago...From one muscian to another,GREAT to hear some GOOOOOD classical pieces chosen...

  2. Thanks for your comments Theresa- Tavis Minner really has a great voice and a strong spirit. Did you see him on TV the other day? And thanks for the feedback on the music, we're working hard to make it better week by week!


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