Knights of Columbus Ultrasound Program

In January, new members of Congress will be sworn in and January 22, 2013 will be the tragic 40th anniversary of the U.S. Supreme Court’s infamous Roe vs. Wade decision legalizing abortion on demand throughout all nine months of pregnancy.

Legalized abortion in the U.S. alone has resulted in the death of over 52 million unborn children.  It has also caused physical, emotional, psychological, or spiritual injury of an estimated 36 million women and roughly equal number of men.

Ultrasound exams, which are medically indicated throughout pregnancy for a variety of diagnostic reasons, use ultrasound waves to scan a women’s abdomen, creating a picture or “sonogram” of the baby in her uterus.  Without the Knights of Columbus support, most pregnancy care centers would be unable to purchase the ultrasound machines. Each ultrasounds machine costs tens of thousands of dollars. 

Reports indicate that up to 90 percent of women considering an abortion choose to have their baby after seeing an ultrasound image.  They hear their baby’s heartbeat; they see their baby’s head and fingers.  They know it is a child, not a “choice.”

The Knights of Columbus at St. Mary’s is sponsoring an ultrasound program to assist pregnant women.  They are doing a bank drive through the school and church to purchase equipment for designated Catholic facilities throughout Oklahoma.  Last year’s drive aided in getting one for Catholic Charities in Tulsa, but we still need more.  A bank will be offered to your children through the school or you can pick up one after mass in the vestibule from December 15th thru January 25th, which is “March for Life”.

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