Catholic Schools Week--Part I

The School of Saint Mary is hoppin' this week! We are celebrating Catholic Schools Week, which runs January 26 - February 2nd. Below are some fun shots of the activities going on. And there's much more to come!

On Saturday and Sunday, January 25th and 26th, Saint Mary students participated in the weekend Masses. Following the 10:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday, the school hosted an Open House for the parish and public. 
Principal Maureen Clements visiting with a parishioner during the school Open House.

Each family at the school was given a pennant and every family member wrote why they love the School of Saint Mary and Catholic School.

Pennants adorn the hallways of the school.

On Monday students wrote thank you notes to firefights and police officers in our community. They were also treated to ice cream sundaes after lunch.

Fifth graders enjoy a tasty treat after lunch.

Tuesday was a movin' and shakin' day! Throughout the day, music came over the intercom and the students would 'Get up Dance.' Lots of laughs and groovy moves were on display. In the afternoon, the Bixby Jump Rope for Heart Team came on put on a great show. Two of our own students are part of the jump rope team. In addition, Tuesday was Saint Mary spirit wear free dress day. Everyone was decked out in their Saint Mary clothing.

The Bixby Jump Rope for Heart team shows their jumping talents.
Ms. Clements helped swing the rope for the jumpers.
Even the preschoolers got in on the action.
Seventh graders got to learn some of the trickier moves.
Go Mr. Bryan!!
Ms. Clements and Ms. Griffin got in on the Spirit Wear festivities!

On Wednesday, students celebrated our veterans. Several parishioners and school parents who are members of the military came and visited with each class about what it's like to serve our country in the armed forces. There was also some fancy headwear on display--Wednesday was Crazy Hat Day!

Jake Johnston tells the 1st graders about his experience in the Marines. The kids couldn't believe that it gets up to 150 degrees in the desert.
Posters are on display honoring our veterans.
Look at all those Kindergarten CRAZY hats!
Peter Denis talks to the 7th and 8th graders about his experience in the military. 
Saint Mary DOES love our veterans!
All that and we're on half way through Catholic Schools Week! Check back to see more of the fun things going on this week.

We also invite parishioners to the Catholic Schools Week Mass on Friday at 9:00 a.m.

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