Go Out Into the Deep

This weekend Fr. Jack will introduce our Priority Planning initiatives and challenge us as a parish to Go Out Into the Deep. Throughout the next two months we will have members of the Parish Priority Planning team guest blog and inspire us to serve God and "Go Deep" for our faith and parish.

Go Out Into the Deep, by Kathy Craft

After months of meetings and planning discussions, our Priority Planning team has emerged with a unifying statement that is intriguing, challenging and in my mind inspiring: Go out into the Deep. The related scripture refers to the scene in which Jesus asks his apostles to go out into the deep and lower their nets all the while knowing that they had fished all night with nothing to show for it. But they listened, did as Jesus asked, and the results were overwhelming. Their choice to put their trust in Jesus is often what we are challenged to do in our daily lives.       

What are your first thoughts as you read the words “Go out in to the Deep”? To me, these words suggest an invitation to venture out of the shallow, more comfortable waters and move further out "into the deep" where I am challenged to go beyond my comfort zone. I want to be intentional about moving deeper in my faith, and with prayer and discernment, I am trying to take small steps toward that goal. The early Church was strengthened in their growth with their sense of community. Our community, our Church of St. Mary, offers many opportunities for growth as well. Wouldn't it be exciting for us to become a Church on Fire for Christ?

A personal example for me involves the practice of stewardship. As someone who strongly believes in the principles of stewardship, I must ask myself the question: do I practice that deeply or am I shallow in my practice? I must reflect on what Jesus asks me: Do you trust me?        

On a dramatic scale, Blessed Mother of Teresa certainly gave us an example of venturing into the deep. The results of her trust and openness are both staggering and inspiring. Her impact on our world cannot even be measured.

Kathy Craft, parishioner, member of the Priority Planning Team 

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