St. Francis of Assisi Tuition Trust

The following is announcement from Bishop Slattery:

The St. Francis of Assisi Tuition Trust has received a $250,000 matching grant from the William K. Warren Foundation for tuition assistance for our Catholic school families. As of date, we are $95,000 short of matching the grant, but we have until December 31, 2013 to reach our goal. If you can help, please send your tax deductible donation, payable to the St. Francis of Assisi Trust, to the Catholic Schools Office, 820 S. Boulder, Tulsa, OK 74119. You can also donate online at www.dioceseoftulsa.org and click on the "Schools" link.

This year alone, approximately 550 students from all 12 schools have been helped by the trust and we thank you for considering a financial donation.

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