Students Raise Funds for Haiti Mission

A Note About the Catholic School's Week Fundraising Project

Second grade showing their success in the coin drive to help the Haiti
Mission purchase animals.
For Catholic School's Week philanthropy, School of Saint Mary students did a coin collection to help the SOLT Haiti Mission with which Saint Mary has a close relationship. Funds will support the Animal Husbandry Program and allow people at the mission to purchase animals that they can then use to create a sustainable income for their families. 

Students collected $3,669.78! What a phenomenal coin collection! This donation will allow for the purchase of 15 goats, 14 pigs and 30 chickens. These were carefully chosen by the classes, including the preschool. 

Father Glen Meaux, mission founder, was so thrilled to hear about how the students embraced this project. His heart was touched by their stories. The Animal Husbandry Project was chosen for Saint Mary to support during Catholic School's Week because it was a top priority for the mission this year. These animals will make a difference in many lives and will allow families to support themselves.

Preschool's Fundraising Chart
Principal Maureen Clements reported how excited the students were all week about this project. She stated there were many discussions about the animals and which ones were being chosen. Many parents reported their children asked to do extra chores to earn money for the collection. Piggy bank money was used and money that had been earmarked for a very special toy was now generously and joyfully being offered to the program. Grandparents, viewing graphs of the program in the classrooms after the Catholic School's Week Mass, wanted to contribute. Parents and teachers contributed as well!

During the week, teachers and parents helped students to count and track all of the coins coming in each day. Special math assignments were incorporated into classes to include graphing and charting the coin collection results. This project needed many loving hands and many generous hearts in order to succeed.

Please accept our sincerest thanks for your absolutely incredible and humbling generosity and support of this endeavor. It was a true blessing to watch it all unfold!

-The Christian Ministry Committee
School of Saint Mary Home and School

A little video of the preschoolers sharing about their 11 chickens they purchased for Haiti!

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